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8th Generation No-Oil Silicone Sexy Buttock Hip Up Panties

8th Generation No-Oil Silicone Sexy Buttock Hip Up Panties

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Hip thickness: 3.1cm(30cm);2.6cm(51cm)
Material: Food Grade Silicone
Stretching: Can stretching 150%

Item description:
1.Rich buttocks -- thick buttocks design, make your buttocks more sexy and charming
2.Oil free silicone material -- keep dry and clean for a long time
3.floating point design Inside -- increase air circulation and heat dissipation, more suitable for long time wear
4.Improved toughness -- more tear resistant, you can knead and play with it to one's heart's content
5.Multifunction -- You can easily have silicone hip pad + silicone pants
6.Real -- scrub craft surface, mimics real skin texture. It also add to capillaries, surprisingly Realistic
7.Flocking--Add flocking inside the product to reduce the stickiness of the product to the body and make it more comfortable to wear.

Product size (tiled measurement)
Waist: 56cm;Hips: 100cm;Hip thickness: 3.1cm;Full length: 33cm;Weight: 4.45kg(Short Style)

Waist: 52cm;Hips: 96 cm; Hip thickness: 2.6cm;Full length: 51cm;Weight: 3.96kg(Long Style)

Suit For People: suit for waist:60-85cm;suit for weight :150-180cm;suit for height :50-85kg